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climate change

Our main strategy to face this climate vulnerability is the forest conservation through the Protected Areas management and conservation.

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Community Development

In the last ten years, a Model for territorial and rural development has been constructed and consolidated in Guatemala, based on protected areas establishment and participative management.

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Biodiversity Conservation

Since 1990, FUNDAECO has struggled to protect the forest remnants and biodiversity in the Caribbean of Guatemala, in the department of Huehuetenango and Petén, as well as the ravines and the hills of the capital city, which present a high biological diversity.

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Healthy and empowered women and girls

Fundaeco has provided through its clinics women health and education to more than 15,000 women and girls in our focus areas.

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Recent News

Press Release

Today , Tuesday 12 November 2013 - under the Tenth Forestry Congress Nacional- the Launch of the Project was...